Birthday Crossing!

Posted by GoGo Goodie on August 16, 2011.


Driving today near Griffith Park in Los Angeles, this sign caught my eye. It is right near the turn that goes to Travel Town, a museum that celebrates the railroad heritage of Los Angeles. Along with wonderful history, Travel Town offers miniature train rides that delight aspiring engineers of all ages. Yes, a fantastic place for a birthday party! So, kudos to the person who created the sign. A perfect way to get your guests ready for a train ride!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Griffith Park, it is the largest urban park in America, covering over 4,210 acres in the heart of Los Angeles. Donated to city of Los Angeles by Colonel J. Griffith in 1896, it is home to the iconic Griffith Park Observatory, The Greek Theatre and the Los Angeles Zoo.

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Here's a short promotional video the museum put together for visitors:


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