Birthday Gifts...Giving Presents vs Memories

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 08, 2011.

I just loaded about twenty pounds of fresh Mahi Mahi and Yellowtail Amberjack into my refrigerator.  Caught by a friend who returned last night from a 7 day sport fishing trip off the waters of Baja California, Mexico.  Now what in the world does this have to do with birthdays?  Well, after sitting and hearing about what an adventure my friend had, including the two Marlins that got away, I started to think about my son's (Ethan) upcoming birthday on December 1st.  Although the 7 day trip would be far too expensive, a father-son overnight fishing trip out of San Diego could be a perfect birthday gift.  


Traditionally, we have always given a material present that has been frantically unwrapped with great enthusiasm.  But come the following year that gift has quietly faded into the background with the other gifts of birthdays gone by.  So here I sit contemplating gifting a fishing trip for my son versus what I have always done, buying the latest highly sought after gadget of the moment.  If you are reading between the lines, you probably know I am definitely leaning toward the fishing trip, feeling this would be a memory Ethan would always cherish.  

Stay tuned, I'll let you know what we ultimately end up doing for Ethan.  But one thing is for sure, we will have a birthday cake and a few goodie bags to celebrate the day!  

Feel free to send me any of your favorite fish recipes!


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