Birthday Party Checklist...Leaving no detail overlooked!

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 11, 2011.

As most parents know, there is a lot of planning that goes into hosting a birthday party.  From choosing a theme all the way to handing out the last goodie bag, there are many details in between that need attention.  To make things a little more organized and simple, we've put together a party checklist so you can make sure no detail is overlooked!

6 - 12 Weeks Before Party

  • Decide on a Theme - Will the party be a tea party, cowboy, dinosaur etc?  Usually, my kids start planning the theme of their birthday party 11 months in advance.  Of course it changes a dozen times before the special day!
  • Construct a guest list - Will the entire class be invited?  Just girls or boys from the class, etc.
  • Set A Date - Check with your essential guests ahead of time to make sure they are available before locking down a date.
  • Book Entertainment - Will you have an entertainer coming to the party?  If so, call as early as possible to secure your ideal date.
2 - 4 Weeks Before Party
  • Send Invitations - We recommend sending the invites 4 weeks in advance due to everyone's busy schedules.  Coordinate the design of your invites to match the theme of your party.
  • Decide on Party Activities - Will you have craft activities or more active games like musical chairs?  Make a list of any supplies you will need for the events.
  • Plan the Menu - Will there be lunch or dinner, or will it be snacks and cake?  Will you make punch or have juice boxes?
  • Make a Shopping List - Write a complete shopping list including all the essentials; cake, balloons, music, goodie bags, table clothes, napkins, drinks, snacks, ice, cups, forks, etc. 
  • Schedule Helping Hands - Will you need additional help to work the party?  Usually there is helpful mom who is more than willing to jump in, but asking in advance gives you added piece of mind.
  • Order Party essentials - Place your cake, balloon and goodie bag orders well ahead of your party date.  Leave the goodie bags to us here at GoGoGoodie and let us make them for you ready to hand out to your guests.
1 Week Before Party
  • Clean the House - Make sure your house looks great for your guests.  Ok, so I usually wait till one day ahead to do this!
  • Follow Up on RSVP's - Call any guests that you haven't heard from to make sure you have an accurate guest count.
  • Shop - Pick up the items from your shopping list.
1 Day Before Party
  • Decorate - Make your theme come alive and set up as much as possible.
  • Move Furniture - If needed, move furniture to get ready for your crowd.  If the party is outside, set up and clean outdoor furniture.
  • Touch Up Cleaning - Do a quick once over as needed.
Day of Party
  • Pick up Cake & Balloons - Run out and get your cake, balloons, ice and any last minute items.
  • Set up Food - As appropriate, put out as much of the food and drinks in advance as possible.
  • Enjoy the Party! - Don't forget to hand out the goodie bags / loot bags to each guest as they leave.
  • Make of List of Gifts - Write down what guests gave to make writing the thank you notes easier.
2 -7 Days After Party
  • Write Thank You Notes - Yes, it's hard to get kids to do this, but form those good habits early!

Here's to your next party going off with no detail forgotten!


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