Pirate Treasure Birthday Party....Buried Treasure

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 20, 2011.

My son, Ethan, is well beyond his pirate days but I wanted to tell you about the best pirate birthday party he ever had.  It was his 5th birthday and he was in full pirate swing, Yarrgh!  The day started out with the neighbors hanging a skull and cross bones flag outside of our house, yes they are wonderful neighbors.  Around eleven am the five boys Ethan invited to his party arrived at our house.  I promptly loaded them in my car and headed to the beach at Santa Monica.  Tim, my husband, headed to Santa Monica an hour ahead of us with treasure maps in hand.  His task was to "reverse engineer" the treasure map....yes, hide the treasure!  The maps we made were perfect, written on parchment with burned edges and all.  The treasure was an assortment of bad costume jewlery, pirate toys and some old coins thrown into a burlap bag.

On the way over to the beach, the boys divided into two teams and I told them they were going to be searching for buried pirate treasure.  Well let me tell you these lilly livered landlubbers were excited!  Tim met us at the car and I think he may even have been more excited than the boys.  We walked to the beach and Tim handed a shovel, compass and glass bottle with a rolled up treasure map inside to each team.  Boys being boys, they quickly fell into competitive mode and starting to decipher the map, all the while looking over their shoulder to make sure the other team wasn't listening.  Being that they were only 5 years old, we made the map really easy and helped them along the way.  Twenty paces due south from the large rock, due west 10 paces and dig for the next clue.....15 paces due east from the corner of the lifeguard stand, etc.  There was a lot of running, a lot of digging and a lot of fun.  Both teams got to the "X marks the spot" at the same time and ended up sharing all the booty, that part was very unpirate like! 

The rest of the day was a beach day with pizza being delivered to us right on the beach.  At the end of the day I loaded the six scurvy scoundrels into my car and headed home to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on VHS, yes it was a while ago.  Around eight o'clock, we sent everyone home with their own loot bags (goodie bags here on the west coast) and avoided having to walk the plank!  It was a fantastic day and a wonderful memory!


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