Top 7 Boy Party Favors...#5 and #6

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 26, 2011.

Keeping up with boys and their endless energy can be a challenge!  Finding the right party favors for goodie bags suitable for these rough housing boys can also be challenging.  So, today we continue our count down to the #1 party favor for boys with number 5 and 6.  Drum roll please....for number 6, we have a tie with the following two toys;

#6 Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs     AND     Dinosaurs


If you haven't heard of Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs before, they are really fun!  Throw them up in the air next to each other and they "rattle" as they cling towards each other. Hear them "rattle" in our GoGo Goodie video.

As for the Dinosaurs, well what young Paleontologist wouldn't want a set of 12 dinosaurs! Although these amazing creatures are extinct, young boy's enthusiasm for them continues to roar.

Ok, coming in at #5 is a slam dunk for this party favor, the suction cup basketball hoop and ball!  Go ahead and shoot hoops by the window.  This basketball hoop comes with a soft foam ball that's perfect for squeezing and tossing.

Make sure you tune in to GoGo Goodie as we count down to #1 all week long!


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