Best Party Favors for Boys

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 30, 2011.

Here at GoGo Goodie we are always being asked what the best party favors are.  We all want to give favors that kids are excited about AND ones that will be played with for more than 60 seconds!  So we've been counting down all week the top 7 best party favors for boy's goodie bags.  Today, I'm recapping the best party favors in one complete blog for those of you that may have missed some of the count down!  I've also added an Honorable Mention category which rounds out our list to include the top 10 party favors for boys.

For more information on each favor and to watch our GoGo Goodie videos, just click on the images.

We hope our list makes putting a goodie bag together even easier!

#1 Sports Rebound Ball 


#2 Laser Finger Beams

#3 Handcuffs

#4 Light Up Helicopter

#5 Basketball Hoop and Ball

                                      Tied at #6  Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs                                                                                                             

AND      Dinosaurs


#7 Balloon Helicopter

Honorable Mention:

#8 Party Snaps

#9 Surprise Hand Buzzer

#10 Light Up Drinking Glass

Thanks for stopping by for our's been fun!  Watch for future countdowns for girl's and co-ed party favors.


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