Countdown to Christmas

Posted by GoGo Goodie on November 15, 2011.

As a kid, the hardest and most painful part of Christmas was suffering through all the anticipation waiting for the day finally to arrive.  From seeing the stockings hung to the growing pile of gifts under the tree, patience is what I needed but it was in short supply. My sisters and I would try to satisfy our excitement by closely examining some of the wrapped gifts waiting under the tree.  We would hope that some of the gifts were wrapped in the "cheap" wrapping paper.  You know the kind that when you press hard enough you can read through the paper and get clues to the present underneath.  Another tactic we used to help us cope with our overflowing excitement was our paper chain countdown. We would create a paper link chain with 25 links and hang it around the fireplace. Starting on December 1st, with each passing day, we would tear off a link as we marched closer to Christmas.  Occasionally, my mom would also buy an Advent calendar and that was fun too.

Now, as parent, the same excruciating levels of anticipation are evident in my kids.  So every year we get an Advent calendar to facilitate our countdown.  At first, I bought one calendar and my two kids tag teamed days for opening each window.  This proved not easy for them to do as they both wanted to open the windows everyday.  Yes, I could have used this as a lesson in sharing, but being a busy mom coupled with the fact that the calendars are only 99 cents, I decided to buy two calendars instead!  I already have my calendars ready for the countdown to start this year.

Do you have any Countdown to Christmas traditions?  Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks for stopping by GoGo Goodie!


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