Goodie Bags Wait for Mother Nature's Windstorm in Los Angeles

Posted by GoGo Goodie on December 01, 2011.

Once in a while Goodie Bags (loot bags) have to take a back seat to life!  Today, it is the wind storms in Southern California that is making the 8 orders for premade Goodie Bags wait (don't worry they will ship tomorrow and be there in plenty of time for the birthday parties!).

It started last night with strong wind gusts around 7:00.  The gusts reached 67 MPH in Pasadena and 97 MPH in the mountain areas.  During the night I tried to muffle the noise with ear plugs, but ear plugs were no match for the ruckus outside!  Throughout the night we were all leaping out of bed to make sure we weren't being swept off to The Land of Oz.  Our damage assessment in the small tree toppled in the front yard and a large branch fell in the back.

Instagram Highlights

Front Yard - Small Tree Toppled

Back Yard - Large Branch Fell

On the drive to school this morning we started getting text messages about school being cancelled....much to the delight of my children!  I remember growing up in Nebraska and listening to the radio on snowy mornings hoping for a snow day and cheering when the broadcaster added my school to the list of closures.  Today is the closest my kids will ever come to a snow day!

Driving back from school this morning we snapped these photos of the wind's power...

BMW Ultimate Driving Machine Meets Ultimate Damage


Large Tree Uprooted

We are expecting strong winds throughout the day and into tomorrow.  I'll post additional pictures if we see more of nature's fury!


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