Flamingo Flocking for Birthdays and Special Occasions

Posted by GoGo Goodie on January 05, 2012.

Over the past 6 or more years our family has developed a strong friendship with another family from my kids' school.  It's just one of those "good fits" for everyone since of our families have a boy and a girl the same age.  They also have a great sense of humor and have a taste for the unusual.  Over the years we have traded harmless pranks with them. It started of course with TPing, then decorated cars followed by numerous other fun escapades.  So, when I read an article about Flamingo Flocking I knew I had to do it!  You see, flocking is when someone's front yard is decorated at night with a bunch of pink flamingos.  I scheduled the flocking for Christmas Eve and it was a wonderfully fun surprise.

Here in the Pasadena area, flocking is done for a small donation by Christ's Church of the Valley.  They are currently raising money for Haiti.  With a quick google search I found other cities that offer flocking to help celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.  You can even buy your own flamingos and start a school fundraiser of your own.  How much fun would your kids have flocking their friends!  Perhaps a flocking combined with GoGo Goodie Bags would be the best ever present!


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