Birthday Party...Build a Pizza at 800 Degrees

Posted by GoGo Goodie on January 09, 2012.

As all parents quickly discover, if you're feeding a group of kids for a birthday party the hands down #1 food choice is pizza!  All kids love it, bar none, and with a quick phone call, it's easy and inexpensive to provide.  So, this weekend I decided to take my two kids to a new pizza place in Los Angeles near UCLA called 800 Degrees Pizza.  It's a new concept for pizza, just think pizza meets Subway or Chipotle.  If you combined those two thoughts then you already understand that your pizza is made in front of you as you proceed toward the cash register.  We all had fun watching the pizza dough get stretched out, followed by choosing our sauce and finishing it off with countless toppings.  As you are paying, your pizza is already cooking and they say it cooks in 60 seconds.  I think our pizzas took a little longer, but it was still very fast.



As we sat and enjoyed our pizzas both my kids said they would definitely come back (only negative comment was the crust was slightly chewy, but the toppings were delicious).  My daughter mentioned she'd love to bring her friends, possibly for her next birthday celebration.  She is now 12 years old and we no longer do the really big birthday parties. Instead, she invites 5-7 close girlfriends for a little adventure and a sleepover.  So, we started to plot her April birthday to include making your own pizzas at 800 degrees followed by a movie in one of the gorgeous theaters right around the corner and perhaps a pedicure to end the night.  Sounds like a perfect girls get together, just add the Goodie Bags and we're done!

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