History of Classic Toys, Good for Birthdays and Goodie Bags!

Posted by GoGo Goodie on January 10, 2012.

Here at GoGo Goodie we love toys, especially classic or retro toys that fit in Goodie Bags! Well, today I was reading an article on the Huffington Post touching on the background of 10 classic toys.  It was a very brief, but non the less, interesting article.  So I decided to do a little more investigating on a couple of those toys and share the information with you throughout the week.  Today it's the history of Lincoln Logs....

Lincoln Logs

Introduced in 1916, Lincoln Logs were invented by John Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright one of America's most famous architects.  The toy design was modeled after the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo which Frank Lloyd Wright designed and named after Abraham Lincoln.  The original toy contained directions on how to build Lincoln's cabin as well as how to assemble Uncle Tom's Cabin.  Lincoln Logs have been so popular over the years that they were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999.

Imperial Hotel, Toyko

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Wisconsin in 1867 and over the course of his 90+ years he designed over 1,000 buildings of which 400 were constructed (approximately 300 are still standing today).  Perhaps his most famous building is the Guggenheim Museum in New York which took Wright 16 years to complete, finally finishing in 1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Hilla Rebay, Solomon Guggenheim (Left to Right)

Guggenheim Museum

Thanks for stopping by GoGo Goodie for today's history lesson!  Look for more classic toy history coming soon....


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