Pillow Pets, the Trend of Cozy!

Posted by GoGo Goodie on February 06, 2012.

Every so often there is a trend in collecting stuffed animal that lasts more than a year. The first one that comes to mind is, of course, Beanie Babies, which really did wear out it's welcome and seemed to last forever!  Another one worth mentioning is the Ugly Dolls, which my daughter and friends loved for almost two years.  I have to say I did love those Ugly Dolls, very cute and each one had it's own story.

Ugly Doll

Now, it's Pillow Pets turn.  It seems they are starting to stand the test of time.  Using my daughter as a trend gage, she got her first pillow pet almost two years ago, and much to my surprise, still had a pillow pet on this year's Christmas list.  She specifically wanted the unicorn Pillow Pet, and me, being an out of touch mom, insanely suggested buying the unicorn pillow pet knock-off when the real thing was sold out in stores.  I got the "are you kidding me look" from my daughter, so I hunted down the real thing on the internet.  When I get that look I know someone has created a strong brand, when no other brand will do (even if it's virtually identical)!


Although every trend seems to sweep through the nation overnight, it usually takes a lot of planning and work before that can happen.  So, I wanted to learn a little bit more about where these Pillow Pets came from.  Back in 2003, mom of two boys, Jennifer Telfer, noticed that one of her sons' stuffed animals was flattening out from being used as a pillow.  From there she thought about making a stuffed animal that functioned as a pillow. Jennifer and her husband decided to manufacture the stuffed animals and sell them at mall kiosks.  Sales were marginal, with kids loving the Pillow Pets but parents stating "it's just another stuffed animal".  Jennifer next started selling at home shows and sales were strong, almost selling out.  She had 7 thousand more manufactured in 6 different animals and sold them within 3 months.  When 2003 ended, gross sales were $300,000.  By 2009 gross sales reached $7 million with the support of television advertising.  Hats off to Jennifer, we love smart motivated moms creating endearing products!

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