Best Old Fashioned Birthday Party Games, Flashlight Tag

Posted by GoGo Goodie on February 16, 2012.

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Welcome back as we continue our "back to the basics" party game blog series.  In effort to counterbalance the over-the-top birthday parties that continue to get more elaborate with each passing year, we are highlighting some simple kid pleasing games that can still be a hit at any birthday celebration!

Today we'll focus on tag, but make it a little more special with a game of flashlight tag (also know as Army Tag, German Spotlight or Spotlight).  This is great for summertime birthdays that go into the night, also excellent for getting rid of extra energy!  


There are a couple of variations to this game.  One way to play is just like tag but players who are hiding are caught when the person who is "it" shines a light on them.  Another version has the "it" person standing stationary in one spot while other players attempt to make it safely to homebase without having the flashlight shined upon them.  You can also turn the game into a cops and robbers game placing caught players in a jail while other players attempt to free them without also getting caught.


Flashlights make great Party Favors 

If your party is not a night time party, then trade out the flashlights for squirt guns, great fun for the kids!

Try a Game of Squirt Tag for Daytime Parties

After an hour or two of exhausting night time fun, sending your party goers home with a special "Light-Up" Goodie Bag from GoGo Goodie!  It's the perfect end to a perfectly fun party!  

Thanks for stopping by GoGo Goodie and look for more blogs from us on ways to add simple fun to your birthday parties!


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