Best Old Fashioned Birthday Party Games, Hunt the Thimble

Posted by GoGo Goodie on February 22, 2012.

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Today we continue our "back to the basics" blog posting about the best old fashioned party games.  A well planned home birthday party with several kid pleasing games can be just as wonderful, if not more so, as an over-the-top expensive party!  With that said, let's dive into today's highlighted game, Hunt the Thimble (also known as Hide the Thimble where I grew up).

This game, many years ago, was played by children hiding a thimble in a room while the other children waited outside.  Once hidden, the children would compete to be the first one to find the thimble.  The finder would then become the one who would next hide the thimble.  Todays' version is played hiding any object.  

For a birthday party this would mean hiding a party favor or candy.  The finder gets to keep the prize and you can choose to let them hide the next item, or continue to hide it yourself.  Very similar to an Easter Egg hunt, only you're hiding one treasure at a time. This can keep all the kids engaged and having fun for a long time!  It's also fun to do this in teams of 2 or 3, helps generate team excitement similar to a team scavenger hunt.  

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