Best Old Fashioned Birthday Party Games, Simon Says

Posted by GoGo Goodie on February 28, 2012.

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Do you dream of having a room full of kids follow your every command?  Are you wanting to plan a simple birthday party, but still have all your guests leave having had wonderful time?  Need some ideas for fun filled party games?  You're in luck, you've stumbled on our blog series about the best old fashioned party games!  Today, we are highlighting Simon Says.

The roots of Simon Says, also known as Simple Simon, go back to Latin origins.  It was known as Cicero Dicit Fac Hoc, which translates to Cicero says do this.  Cicero was known to be an influential Roman politician.  The game later used the name Simon stemming from when Simon de Montfort in 1264 was able to hold King Henry III prisoner in the English town of Lewes.  Simon was then in control of all orders made by the king.

For a game to stand the test of time and still hold the attention of a room full of energetic kids, you know it's a great game!  For birthday parties, playing several rounds of the game is sure to please the crowd.  Have some fun prizes on hand for the winner of each round and allow the winner to be the next Simon.  If it's a hot summer day, add water to the game!  If you are lucky enough to have a pool, simply play the game in the water.  You can also have it outside with water balloons allowing Simon to get creative with the balloons!

However you choose to play it, it's sure to be a great birthday memory.  Now Simon Says "go plan that party and have fun"!

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