Best Old Fashioned Birthday Party Games, Telephone

Posted by GoGo Goodie on March 02, 2012.

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Sometimes it's the simple things in life that mean the most.  With that said, I find it really refreshing when parents throw a simple birthday party for their child.  You know the kind of party we all had and went to when we were kids.  No outside clowns, musical entertainers, laser tag marathon or theme park extravaganza....just a wonderful gathering of friends at the birthday kid's house highlighted with fun party games and birthday cake. So, if you're game and want to throw a simple, yet wonderful, birthday party for your child here's another great party game to try....Telephone!

We've all played it so you know how much silly fun Telephone can be!  To refresh your memory, if it's been a while, a story is simply whispered from one person to the next. When the story reaches the last person, that person recites their version of the story to the group.... and usually to a room full of laughter!  The game is so much fun, it can easily be played several times.  You'll want to have your stories well thought out before the party.  The move elaborate the story with vivid details and tongue twisting names the better.  It's also great to give out prizes for the kids getting closest to the original story and those who weren't even close!

You can also introduce the old can and string telephone for an added element of fun. Just make sure the others playing the game can't overhear the conversation.  To complicate the story telling, play music or the radio in the background.  However you play it, you can count on a whole bunch of laughter!

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