Best Old Fashioned Birthday Party Games, Hot Potato

Posted by GoGo Goodie on March 06, 2012.

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Welcome back to our series about old fashioned party games!  Yes, we are turning back the hands of time to when birthday parties were simple; a gathering of friends with cake, games and a few party favors.  Today we highlight the tenth game in our blog series, hot potato.  We'll also post a recap of all 10 games so you have a good resource for your future party planning!


Hot Potato is a great simple game that is sure to fill the room with excitement and laughter.  Simply have the children sit on the floor in a circle.  When the music is turned on, the children start passing a potato around the circle from one player to the next. When the music stops, the player left holding the potato has to leave the game.  This continues until there is one child left, thus winning the game.  Giving a party favor to the winner will add to the excitement!  Since this is a fast paced game, you will want to play it several times over.  


If you have a themed birthday party choose an object to pass, instead of a potato, that fits the overall theme.  For example, if it's a Pirate party, pass a burlap bag filled with coins.  If it's a Harry Potter party, try passing a Wizard's hat or wand.  The idea is to make it your own and have it be perfectly suited for your celebration.  On a hot summer day, have the kids play outside while an oscillating sprinkler keeps everyone cool.  However you play it, brace yourself for lots of laughing and excitement!

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