Tootsie Pop Wrapper, Indian with Star Lore

Posted by GoGo Goodie on March 11, 2012.

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This past Friday afternoon I was enjoying a glass of wine with girlfriends outside on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Kids raced in and out of my friends house, playing as we were enjoying our girl talk.  A bowl full of Tootsie Pops for the kids sat on our table next to our delicious Boursin Cheese and stuffed mushrooms.  Every five minutes, like clock work, someone would run over and use the magic word "please" in order to be given the sugary treat on a stick.  It didn't take much time at all before I too was using the magic word to be granted the tooth decaying delight!

The Tootsie Pop was paired with a fine French Bordeaux wine and both were delicious! After I unwrapped my treat, I did what I've always done for 30 or more years, look to see if I was lucky enough to have a wrapper with an Indian and a Star.  Yeah, I was lucky!  I shared my good furtune with my friends and we all talked about searching for the Indian on the wrapper over the years.  Our stories were similar, we had all heard that you could redeem the wrapper for more candy or even toy prizes.  For me, in my advanced years I've lost my desire to win toy prizes, so the lore of the Indian wrapper has just evolved into a symbol of good luck.  But, I'm no less happy to see my Indian friend when I indulge in the occasional Tootsie Pop!

After my much needed time spent with friends, I did a little digging into the urban legend of the Indian on the wrapper.  Turns out, it's exactly that, an urban legend.  Tootsie Pop has never run a redemption program for the Indian wrapper.  Where the rumor started is also a mystery, but when Tootsie Pops were first introduced in 1931, many companies had redemption programs for children's products. Tootsie Pops Industries still receives a steady flow of consumer inquires and requests for redemption of the wrappers, about 150 a week.  It's also been known that independent stores have taken it upon themselves to give away a free Tootsie Pop when any child would bring in an Indian wrapper.  Here in Pasadena, there was a place called Soda Jerks on Fair Oaks that would redeem the wrappers.  I use to take my kids there all the time but unfortunately they have closed, we miss them!

Ever a marketer at heart, I think Tootsie Pop has an amazing untapped opportunity with the Indian boy.  There are absolutely endless possibilities for promotions, social media events, apps, giveaways etc that could be launched in connection with the Indian Star wrapper!  Go for it Tootsie Pop Industries.....  

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