Spring Time in the Garden...Planting Goodies!

Posted by GoGo Goodie on March 23, 2012.

When I'm not busy with GoGo Goodie party favors or Goodie Bags, it's almost a sure bet this time of year I'm spending time in my garden with my daughter!  Yes, over the years we have planted it all....from pumpkins, to watermelon, to strawberries and even artichokes (a little tip about artichokes, if you don't pick the actual "choke" it will bloom into a wonderfully large purple flower).  But, hands down, there is no other plant that we have greater success with than tomato plants!  We are almost to the end of March and we already have three tomato plants making our garden their new home.  It's a wonderful thing to share with my daughter, Riley, as we both enjoy watching them grow and looking forward to a daily harvest.  

Artichoke Flower

Now, for those of you who also enjoy growing your own delicious tomatoes, I wanted to pass along two golden tips!

Tip 1 -  How to grow a tomato you know will be delicious!

When I first started to grow tomatoes I would just buy 6 or so different seedlings and hope they would be really tasty.  Sometimes they were and sometimes, not so much.  Then I read an article that gave simple advise....when you are eating out and taste a wonderful tomato on your sandwich, in your salad or on a pizza, simply save a slice of the tomato and bring it home.  Whenever (you can wait weeks before planting) you are ready to grow that same tomato, just throw the entire slice (cover with 1/2" - 1" of soil) into some good soil and water.  That's it!  Within a 2-3 weeks you'll have some seedlings and you are off to the races with growing your delicious tomatoes!

Tip 2 - How to clone tomato plants you love without growing from seed

Tomato plants are hardy and resilient!  Once you have a plant that is growing strong simply break off a larger branch and bury the bottom of the branch about 4"- 6" into the soil and water.  You'll want to remove the lower leaves and make sure to keep it watered until it takes root and is well established.  That's it, no need to buy more tomato plants or grow from seed.  How easy is that?!

Here's to happy planting and delicious marinara sauce throughout the summer!

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