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Posted by GoGo Goodie on April 01, 2012.

All aboard!  Yep!  As Sonia mentioned, my family and I had the great fortune to participate in one of the preview cruises for Disney's newest ship,  the Disney Fantasy.    We were on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise and it was spectacular.   There's probably a short novel to be written about a Disney seafaring adventure such as this, but I'm keeping it to a few blog entries this week.  Today's entry will stick to intro and basic ship facts.  If you have questions about our experience or are just curious, feel free to comment.   Hopefully, it will inspire you to have your own family adventure in the near future.

disney fantasy

The Disney Fantasy is the fourth cruise liner in Disney's expanding fleet.  It is similar in style to that of its sister ship, the Disney Dream which first sailed in 2011.  All of Disney's cruise ships are classic style - majestic ships where early 20th century design - recalling the golden age of cruising - meets state of the art technology.  And this is very true.  The Fantasy is elegantly simple and at the same time a great place for families with touches of Disney Magic throughout.

With 14 decks and over 1,000 staterooms, the Fantasy can accommodate 4,000 passengers.  Our cruise had 3,200 guests on board.  If that seems like a lot of people .... well, it is!  Fortunately, the ship's design offers space for everyone to enjoy their time at sea however they feel like spending it.  You never feel overcrowded and can even find solitary time on deck to getaway with a good book if you like.

Ok, so that's the overview for today.  Next up .. some of the great activities and entertainment to enjoy on board while you're sailing away to an exotic port of call.

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