Sixteen Candles...

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 02, 2011.

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm starting to think about our family movie night tonight.  In doing so, one of my favorite coming of age/birthday movies crossed my mind, 16 candlles. Although it's not appropriate for younger ages, it's always been a perennial favorite of mine and my husband.  Written by John Hughes and starring Molly Rindwald, John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Anthony Michael Hall, and not to forget Michael Schoeffling as Jake.  It's a fun tale of how Samantha's, Mollly's character, parents forget her 16th birthday because they are busy with their other daughter's wedding plans.


Although 16 candles might not make the cut for our family movie night tonight, make sure to add this movie to your watch list.  You'll laugh along as Samantha's struggles to cope with everything and everyone around her.  If only they could have remembered to give her a birthday present ...... or at least a goodie bag!


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