Gift Cards... Impersonal or the Perfect Gift?

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 03, 2011.

For many years I had been stead fast against giving gift cards for presents.  Feeling they were much too impersonal and showed a complete lack of effort on the gift givers part.  Not to mention a void in the creativity department.  Well, starting around the time my son was in 4th or 5th grade, my harsh opinion on gift cards started to soften.  What prompted this evolution you ask?  It was becoming evident that the most highly prized gifts given or received in my sons circle were the gift cards.  At first, I tried to resist the easy out of gift cards, trying even harder to find the perfect gift.  But due to my son's persistence, I started to open my mind to the possibility of giving gift cards.  Bottom line, the boys cherished a $25 spending trip to Best Buy over my "creative" efforts in the gift giving department.  So, I no longer spend time shopping for the perfect birthday gift for my son to give at a party.....I already know what the perfect gift is, it's a gift card!  

As for girls, in my experience so far, the perfect gift is still one that requires thought and wrapping.  My daughter, who is in 7th grade, and her friends still love a thoughtfully chosen gift.  Yes, highlighting once again that boys and girls are different!  But one thing that isn't different is they all still love getting a fantastic goodie bag from GoGoGoodie!


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