Birthday Wish...Liar Liar

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 09, 2011.

Once again it's Sunday afternoon and we're choosing what tonight's family movie will be.  Although we've seen it a couple of times before, we have settled on Liar Liar starting Jim Carrey tonight.  Yes, I love this movie and the premise that a boy's (Fletcher) birthday wish actually comes true.  The boy wishes that his father, Jim Carrey, must tell the truth for the next 24 hours.  Fletcher is continually disappointed by his dad not following through with promises and then he attempts to lie his way out of his commitments.  When the birthday wish actually comes true, it makes the dad ultimately realize how much he has been letting Fletcher down.

So, if it is at all possible that someone out there hasn't watched Liar Liar, do it!  If you've seen it, but not recently, gather the family around and enjoy it again.  Have fun with it and ask everyone what their birthday wish would be if they knew it would come true.  Maybe someone would wish for goodie bags (loot bags) from GoGoGoodie!


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