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Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 12, 2011.

When Beckie and I started GoGo Goodie and creating goodie bags, we spent a lot of time defining what makes a good on-line consumer experience.  We both could tell personal stories about things we had ordered over the internet that didn't live up to our expectations.  Whether it was the "comfortable" pair of walking shoes or the book shelf that required "minimal assembly", it's an understatement to say these products were disappointing!

So, in effort to avoid these disappointments and to help showcase our products, we started producing videos.  The videos show real hands on playing with our party favors to give customers a better understanding of the products.  Since we started uploading our videos two months ago to our website and youtube, we have had thousands of views already!  Really fun and the clips feature some of our real world kid toy testers, and our very own children.  If you'd like to check us out, we are easy to find on youtube.  Or, simply go to GoGoGoodie and look for the "film strip" illustration (see below) in the corner of the product photos....indicating which products have videos.

Check back with us often as we are always adding more videos.  This week look for some of our pre-made goodie bags to be featured!


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