Lunch Envy, the challenge of school lunches

Posted by GoGo Goodie on October 14, 2011.

I am posting this blog to cleanse myself of my "lunch envy".  As a mom, we all strive to pack the perfect school lunch, one that is both nutritious and voraciously eaten.  Not one that is traded or destined for the trash bin.  When you factor in wanting a variety of lunch choices, your children's picky eating habits and occasionally a sparse pantry, packing a winning lunch can be a challenge!  After packing literally thousands of school lunches now, I have boiled it down to a basic four item formula; Sandwich, savory snack item (gold fish, chex mix, baked chips etc), yogurt/fruit leather and fresh fruit.  Occasionally, I'll get a little crazy and throw in a treat completely void of any nutritional value.

Now, if that sounds a little boring, it probably is and that brings me back to my "lunch envy".  About once a week I will ask my kids how was your lunch....did you like it?  For years the answer was always fine or I would get the quick "good" response.  Well, my daughter's answer started to change.  Instead of telling me if she liked her lunch, she would give me a complete menu listing of Noelle's lunch.  Whether it was chicken pad thai, lettuce roll ups or soup du jour delivered pipping hot right before lunch time, Noelle's lunches were the stuff of legends....and my weren't!  There were days that Noelle's lunch sounded so good that I wanted to be Noelle.  Well, I have since stepped up my lunch efforts a little, throwing in a thermos of chili or flaky empanadas every now and then.  But I must concede my lunches will never compete on a daily basis with Noelle's gastronomical delights.  Her mom makes amazing lunches all the time (and for three daughters might I add).....sometimes, I do too and that is just fine!  I can, however, throw in a party favor/goodie bag, now and then into the lunch.....

Cheers to you Kristine, your lunches are legendary!  


  1. Kristine October 15, 2011

    Thank you! Wow, what a compliment! This is my favorite blog entry ;) I better get back to making what Lucy likes to call “dinner lunches”.

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