The Best Christmas TV Specials and Movies, #8

Posted by GoGo Goodie on November 13, 2011.

Our count down of the top 10 Christmas TV specials and movies continues today with #8. I have to tell you this count down has lead to some heated discussions in our house and it's been really fun!  I don't think there has been any other blog entry that my kids have tried so hard to influence!  And since this is a count down of the "can't miss" family Christmas shows, of course their opinions will be reflected here.  So, with that in mind, today's #8 is one of my daughter's favorites......Jack Frost;


Jack Frost



1979's Jack Frost is the first Rankin and Bass productions on our countdown (see below for more on Rankin and Bass).  This heartwarming tale is narrated through the eyes of Pardon-Me-Pete, the very cute groundhog who's shadow forecasts the arrival of spring. The tale follows Jack as he visits the town of January Junction and saves a young girl from the evil ruler Kubla Kraus who kidnapped her.  For me, most of my enjoyment in watching this one simply comes from sitting next to my daughter as it plays and she drinks it in.....just love it!


Starting with 1964's  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Rankin and Bass produced roughly one stop-motion Christmas special every year through 1980.  Over the years their Christmas tales have warmed and entertained countless children and families.  For many children seeing a Rankin/Bass special on TV is the first real indicator that Christmas is on it's way!  I grew up watching these specials and I'm so happy that they are still shown on TV today.  Look for more Rankin/Bass specials on our countdown.

Come back and check in with GoGo Goodie as we count down the rest of the list in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.


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