About Us

Fun            Philanthropy            Quality            Value

GoGo Goodie was launched in 2011 by moms. Over the years, we've attended too many children's birthday parties to count and accumulated an enormous pile of neglected and unused party favors.  Cringing every time a bag full of disposable toys accompanied "farewell" and "thank you" at the end of a party, the idea to create a company delivering party toys kids enjoy at reasonable prices was born.

As a group of moms, we've worked on multiple fundraisers, including the biannual carnival.  Anyone organizing a carnival knows, a crucial element to success is the "cool factor" of prizes.  Living in Southern California, where 60% of imports enter the US, we hit the ports of Long Beach and LA toy distributors looking for homerun prize offerings.  We discovered a huge toy playground with endless possibilities.  Potential carnival prizes were brought home for our kids to test and approve before deemed prize worthy.  This process is now fundamental to how GoGo Goodie selects toys-- everything must have approval of our kid testers before offered to you.

Keeping things simple and focusing on what's important to us and our customers, we strive to deliver 4 elements with everything we do:  Fun, Philanthropy, Quality and ValueFun needs no explanation and is implicit in everything we ship!  Philanthropy  Schools and churches can earn 10% on all orders made by parents or people in their community.  Contact us to set up a promo code for this turnkey fundraiser.  Finally, Quality and Value are paramount in everything we offer.  We're highly selective and still the moms who cringe when "junkie" toys accompany our children home from birthday parties.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!